Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Youtube Pinoy Sensations.

I am always overwhelm of knowing and hearing Filipinos who made it big in different fields. I always believe that we are born talented. I actually build this site not just to inform people, but also to show how proud I am being a Filipino. We work hard to achieve our dreams and our families is our inspiration.

Aside from Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda,I want to share few other Filipinos who is making big at youtube. Now, 4 Filipino Americans are "famous" at Youtube. YES! they are proud to say that they are Pinoys and their parents are from the Philippines. These Pinay and Pinoys have thousands of subscribers and one of them has a video who has a total views of 4,000,000 and still counting.

I am one of their subscribers and a big fan of course.


Happy Slip is a youtube sensation who gain over 4,000,000 views around the world. Christine Gambito is a Filipino American actress who gain success with funny portrayal of her own family. All the characters are played by Christine, she played as her mom, dad, auntie and her adorable Lola. This video Mixed Nuts won an award from youtube and I think this is her most viewed video.


Is another Pinay who also do funny things at youtube. She also shares what's on her mind in a way that you will not get offended but instead you will just laugh about it. She also plays multiple characters, she play as her mother and some other characters. This is my favorite NDTITANLADY video and one of her most viewed.


The other two Filipinos are Pinoys who has a talent in singing and performing. JR Aquino and AJ Rafael both have good voice that's why they're videos are one of the most viewed at youtube. JR for me is an RnB kinda singer while AJ is a singer songwriter by heart. The last time I check their videos, JR Aquino is having a recording of his first album and AJ Rafael announcing something about his contest for having a 100,000 subscribers.

This video is AJ Rafael's latest video and he wants this song to be on the BATMAN 3 soundtrack.

This is JR Aquinos most viewed video and showing how talented he is.

That's Pinoy talent at its best. I know there are more Pinoy talent.They are just waiting to be noticed and recognised.
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