Thursday, September 30, 2010

Justin Bieber Dolls in store this holiday season

Justin Bieber dolls will be available in stores this coming Christmas season. Bravado and The Bridge Direct Inc., announced and will launch Justin Bieber Music Video Collection dolls and JB Style Collection dolls. Justin Bieber Music Video Collection dolls features dolls that sings 30 seconds of "Baby and "One Less Lonely Girl".JB Style Collection dolls are inspired by Justin's outfit accessorized with microphone and guitar. All dolls also has the signature hairstyle of the famous pop teen star.

Justin Bieber dolls will be available on December 4.

3 peat for Ateneo de Manila University

Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles joins UE, DLSU and FEU in UAAP history, as they won their 3rd straight championship trophy. Ateneo rely on their defense and to former Rookie of the Year awardee Ryan Buenafe. Buenafe scores season high 23 points including a winning 3 point shot in the last seconds of the game. Finals MVP is also awarded to Ryan Buenafe.

FEU Tamaraws starts strong and even had an 11 point lead during the first quarter, but Ateneo bounced back and cut the lead to 1 point going to half time. When the 3rd quarter started, Glenn Capacio is not in the FEU bench, coaching staff explained that Capacio had his blood pressure checked. The head coach was not seen the attire 2nd half.

FEU had a chance when Paul Sanga was fouled in the 3 point area but Sanga made 1 out of his three shots. Buenafe's three point shot sealed the game for Ateneo. Final score Ateneo 65- FEU 62 

17 thousand spectators witnessed the back-to-back-to-back championship of the Blue Eagles.Former Ateneo players, former President Joseph Estrada, Chief Justice Renato Corona and Bianca Gonzales are some of the big names who watched the game.

After losing their key players this year, the Eagles managed to get to the finals and win the championship. Coach Norman Black also joins Baby Dalupan, Aric Del Rosario and Franz Pumaren  for winning the 3 peat.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mackenzie Foy: Renesmee Cullen... Confirmed!!

 Twilight Breaking Dawn is the 4th and 5th installment of the Twilight Saga. The film will be split into two parts but it will be shoot simultaneously.

The film will have new characters and the much awaited addition will be  Renesmee Cullen. Renesmee is Bella and Edward's love child. The name popped out and what Entertainment Weekly said "inches away" to take the role of Renesmee Cullen is Mackenzie Foy.

Even if the rumors has not yet confirmed, the 9 year old kid already has a facebook fan page made by a twilight fanatic. The fan site is liked by more a thousand people and expected to grow as soon as the confirmation is out.

Michael Bolton got voted out in Dancing with the star

Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars, Monday night Michael Bolton performed jive with the song Hound Dog with partner  Chelsie Hightower. When the two were rehearsing Michael got sick and too slow to get the dance steps.  Michael said that after his first dance performance its a little bit traumatizing, but he tries and doesn't want to quit.

Performance night Michael performed but like judge Bruno Tonioli said it is the "the worst jive I've ever seen". Its obvious that Michael is too slow and having a hard time doing the routine. The couple got 12 out of 30 from the judges.

After Monday's performance, last night Michael and her partner got voted out. When Michael was asked about Monday's  performance night, he said that Bruno is inappropriate and disrespectful. 

Imortal Trailer (Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz)

The official full trailer of Imortal. Starring Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz, directed by Chito Roño and Jerry Lopez Sineneng.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

David Beckham argue with fans

David Beckham confronts an LA Galaxy fan after their game against New York Red Bulls. Beckham is going to the locker room when a fan shouted a nasty comment about Beckham.

The fan yell "Stop with the prostitutes", Beckham turn around and face the Galaxy fan.

Beckham said " Say it to my face".

Beckham is accused of cheating and sleeping with a prostitute.The famous soccer player is taking legal action against In Touch magazine. David filed a libel law suit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Eiffel Tower bomb threat

Eiffel Tower was immediately closed to tourists Tuesday evening due to bomb threat. An anonymous caller used a phone booth to warn firefighters about the bomb inside the Eiffel. The management that runs the tower decided to asked police to evacuate the tourists inside the tower.

The French government alerted their forces for terrorist attack after they pass a bill banning burqa style Islamic veil in France. Also last week National Police Chief Frederic Pechenard suspected that al-Qaida's North African branch is plotting a bomb attack in crowded places in France.

French policemen surrounded the tower and place red and white police tape. Bomb experts search the whole tower for any suspected baggage or bomb equipments. After the tower were cleared, tourists were allowed to go back inside.

Kris leaves PWW

Kris Aquino will not be seen on Pilipinas Win na Win starting Oct. 2, it means Friday will be her last day at the noontime show. Kris did not resign but asked to leave the show for new host.  The management is experimenting for new ideas and also due to low ratings.

The new host will be Marco Sison, Rico Puno, Rey Valera and Noynoy Zuniga. The four male host will join Pokwang and Valerie Conception on Saturday. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live

Katy Perry was on Saturday Night Live and it focuses on her boobs and her Elmo shirt. Katy guested as Maureen, a teenage library volunteer in the show Bronx Beat with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. The two are making fun of her boobs and her Elmo shirt.

Katy/Maureen is advised not to wear revealing clothes during her storytime. Obviously the scene has something to do with her guest appearance on Sesame Street. Her scene with Elmo will no longer be showed on TV due to complains by parents about her too sexy outfit. Katie is doing some bounce that makes her boobs go up and down. 

Glee cast Talks about Britney Spears

The cast of Glee including guest star John Stamos talks about the upcoming episode with Britney Spears. The young members idolize Britney when they are growing up and excited to have her as their guest. The episode is entitled Britney/Brittany, where Heather Morris will have a scene with Britney and the other cast will also do some of her songs.  

Mariah moment

Mariah Carey performed at the Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix and something happened involving her shoes, her stylist and her dancers.

Mariah is singing her song Make It Happen and then she slipped, her dancer helped her to stand. When she got up she said to the crowd that she did it on purpose. She wants to take her shoes off and performed barefoot so when her assistant/stylist gave her a bottled water she pointed her feet. The assistant took her shoes off and two of her dancer helped her so she won't fall down. While Blair, her stylist is taking her shoes off, she said "We love her. She is a darling dear,"

Being a professional that she is, while this thing is happening she keeps on singing and doing her thing. She also talks to the crowd and acts that it is part of her performance.

Survivor Philippines Update: Celebrity Showdown

Last week Buhawi was voted out in the tribal council living only 3 members of Magan, Mico, Solenn and Elma. The next day at the reward challenge a surprise change of team and leaders is announced. Magan tribe is gone, only two tribes now exist, Sarmayee and Nagar. The castaways picked a stone inside a bag, who ever gets the red stone will be the Nagar's tribe leader and whoever gets the yellow stone will be the Sarmayee's tribe leader. Aron got the red stone while Akihiro gets the yellow stone.

The new members of the Nagar tribe are Solen, Mico,Aira,Karen and Aron, Ian and Moi are the original members of Nagar. Members of Sarmayee are Akihiro,Aubrey,Ervic, Elma, Jon, Trizsa and Michelle.

The reward challenge is a test of the castaways memory, there are questions which they have to answer and the answer to the question has a corresponding key that will open a locked ladder.The ladder will lead them to the top of the pyramid in which there's a puzzle totem that they have to solve. Nagar had a lead but they had a hard time answering the next questions and getting the right keys.On the other hand Sarmaye got the questions and the keys right. Jon got to the top and solved the puzzle totem. The reward of the challenge is a thai spa massage on their camp.

After the reward challenge the new Sarmaye tribe went to their camp, even if they won the challenge Jon is so disappointed with their shelter. On the Nagar camp Karen,Aira, Solen and Mico is so happy with their shelter.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 12th birthday Google

Google is celebrating its 12th birthday and they have New Doodle Google Cake painting done by Los Angeles artist Wayne Thiebaud. Google Inc is created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 27,1998. It serves as privately held corporation and then made it public on August 19,2004.

Google is a giant search engine and advertising media that gains its profits from advertisers. Now the company also offers email software(Gmail), web browser(Chrome) ,instant messaging application(Google Talk) social networking tools(Orkut) and photo editing software (Picasa).

Blue on Top not red

Last Friday President Obama and President Aquino had a press conference in Wardolf Astoria Hotel in New York. Together with them are the other world leaders, behind them are the flags of the ASEAN countries. But an "honest mistake" happened, the Philippine flag is inverted in a wrong way. Instead of the blue on top the red side is on top.

Red side on top means "war", but before rumors spread out U.S embassy spokesperson Rebecca Thompson explained that the incedent is an honest error. They will look how the error happened and she also said that the U.S government values the relationship with the Philippines.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

John Stamos and Britney Spears sneak peak

 John Stamos will play as a dentist and May's boyfriend on Glee Season 2.

Sneak peak of the Brittany and Britney scene.

President Aquino III, Pres. Barack Obama and the ASEAN world leaders

President Aquino III together with other ASEAN world leader met President Obama in a press conference at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The 2nd  ASEAN-US leaders meeting is held in New York City. The US President acknowledge the relationship between Asian countries and United States of America. Sitting beside President Obama (left) is President Aquino III and serves as the Country Coordinator of the ASEAN-US dialogue relations for 2009-2012.

Ateneo wins Game 1 of UAAP Season 73

Ateneo Blue Eagles starts the game with a hot shooting and lead them to a 1-0 win over FEU Tamaraws. Blue Eagles starts the scoring rally since the game started and attacked the interior defense of the Tamaraws. The 16000 plus supporters is a combination of Tamaraws and Blue Eagles,  Ateneo lead up to 27 points and never looked back. Kirk Long is the best player of the game with 14 points and 4/4 2 points fieldgoals. Eric Salamat and Justin Chua also gave FEU a hard time when they attacked the interior defense. The 15 points fastbreak points gave a huge advantage to Ateneo squad compare to 0 of the Tamaraws. The 49-72 is the final score of the game.

One more win for Ateneo and they will receive their 3rd straight UAAP Championship crown. FEU will try to get a win to tie and play for game 3, they won their last championship in the 2005-2006 UAAP season. FEU went head to head with La Salle before entering the Finals while Ateneo finished Adamson University.

Game 2 is scheduled on Thursday September 30 4 p.m in Araneta Coliseum.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Katy Perry is cut off at Sesame Street

Katy Perry's appearance at Sesame street will not be shown on TV anymore. The reason for this is the inappropriate dress that she wore, the scene was with Elmo and they are singing the revised version of Hot n Cold. Parents are complaining that Perry seems to be wearing nothing on top and showing her cleavage. Sesame Workshop decided not to air the said episode and now removed from their youtube channel but it is still at Katy Perry's channel.


Portia Degeneres

Portia De Rossi is now Mrs. Portia Lee James Degeneres.. Portia De Rossi got  married  to Ellen Degeneres last August 2008. Last month Portia filed in court to change her last name and be Mrs Degeneres legally and it was granted last Thursday. It was granted in Los Angeles Superior Court in a closed door hearing.

Ellen twitted "the court granted Portia's name change. She's now officially Portia Winfrey."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

George St. Pierre visits Manila

George St. Pierre Welterweight Champion of UFC is here in Manila for 3 days. He arrived yesterday morning, he will be here for an open workout. Last night he visited Magic 89.9 radio station, he was with Boys Night Out DJ Sam YG, Tony Toni and Slick Rick.  He will be in SM Mall Of Asia this coming Saturday September 25. 

President Noynoy stopped and ate a hotdog street-cart sandwich

President Benigno Aquino III is in New York for the U.N General Assembly and ASEAN US meeting. The President avoided too much expenses with this trip. Cabinet members and the President were in the economy class of the airplane going to New York and his in a much cheaper or inexpensive hotel in New York.

While walking on the corner of 6th Avenue and West 45th Street, New York  the president stops in a hotdog street cart and bought a hotdog sandwich. He offered everybody of the hotdog sandwich.

"It’s actually one of the things you look forward to when you come to New York," said Aquino, adding that the last time he had a New York hotdog was 11 years ago. 

They pay $54 or 2500 when converted into peso. Before that, the President just had a meeting with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

That same day he received a Elizabeth Seton Medal by the Mount Saint Vincent College in New York City,
where her mother the former president Corazon Aquino graduated. The scholars of the Aquino attended the ceremony.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"The Hoff" is out (DWTS)

David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson are the first one couple to go in  Dancing with the Stars Season 11. David got a bad score last Monday's performance and got the lowest home votes. 

 .  "I feel bad for Kym because she worked so hard to try and get me where I was going.  And I'm just so proud [that] my daughters are here and they got to see me go this far." David said

Hasselhoff, Margareth Cho and Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino are all in last place but David is the one voted out. 

Jennifer Grey and partner Derek Hough is in first place after getting the highest score while Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol is in 7th place  tied with  Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas. Audrina Patridge and partner  landed in 5th place.

The Richest People of America

Forbes announced the richest people of America, due to recession some are still  making their way to gain more millions. Bill Gates retains the tittle of the richest man in America and his friend Warren Buffett is in number 2. Gates and Buffett are not just rich they also give back and share their wealth.Having foundations that helps sick people and other countries. Casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson is back after a shaky year. The facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest gainer while his co-creator Eduardo Saverin and now the youngest billionaire Dustin Moskovitz are the new addition to the list.

To complete the top 10 list are 3. Larry Ellison 4. Christy Walton 5. Charles Koch 6. David koch 7. Jim Walton 8. Alice Walton 9. S. Robson Walton 10. Michael Bloomberg.


American Idol Judges revealed

The American Idol season 10 judges have been revealed. Randy Jackson is the only loyal judge remains and two new judges joins him. Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and the girl from the Bronx Jennifer Lopez are the new addition to the panel.

Ryan Seacrest hosted the event at The Forum in Los Angeles. Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were introduced with video clips. Right before the announcement, Lopez and Tyler has been the most talked about addition to the show.

First it was Paula Abdul, then Simon Cowell and then the two female judges Ellen De Generes and Kara Dioguardi left the show. Before Season 9 starts Paula left the show and when it started Simon announced it is his last season of Idol. Ellen and Kara left the show recently.

The newest way to join the Idol is by online audition by myspace and the age requirement is now 15 years old. American Idol Season 10 starts on January 2011 telecast by Fox.   

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Britney Spears preview On Glee

This is it! Britney Spears on Glee September 28.

Mariel and Robin got married in India

Last night in ANC and SNN, Robin Padilla and wife Mariel Rodriguez  clear everything about their wedding.The happy couple were all smile in spite of everything that is coming out about them. The two went live and announced that they got married in Agra,India at the Taj Majal last August 19  in a Muslim rights. Robin apologized to Boy Abunda, about the "tanan" that the did and also apologizes to Mariel's parents and grandparents.The two explained they are planning to spread the news as soon as Robin fix everything regarding his son Ali.

Robin also said that the ceremony that happens in Baguio is not a wedding. They also said that the Ibaloi wedding issue did came from them but Robin respects his "katribu".Robin also said they are not disrespecting any religion or culture. Now that the truth came out, the two will continue their careers and as a start they will do a movie together.


Bristol Palin Dancing withe the Stars.

Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin had her dance debut on Dancing with the Stars Monday night. Bristol and her partner Mark Ballas dance the cha cha, they got a nice score in spite of Bristol's awkward moves. When the music starts she's wearing a formal suit  that's looks like her mom's daily attire. Then when the dance begins she rips off her clothes and show off her red sexy dress.

 With a bit more practice she will get her moves, dancing is not her thing but she tried her best. Mark Ballas was able to show her sexiness on the dance floor. They were having some problems during their practice but they were able to pull it away.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Charice as Sunshine Corazon..

Charice is singing "Listen" in the premiere episode of Glee. This is the full version, listen how she belt out the high notes. A small girl with a big voice, proud to be a Filipino and a person with a good heart that is Sunshine Corazon in Glee Season 2. Premieres September 21 (September 22 4pm in the Philippines).

She also has a "confrontational" scene with Lea Michele, they will do the cover of  Telephone by Lady Gaga.    

Mark Lesnar on the cover of UFC magazine

For the second time, Mark Lesnar is the cover of UFC magazine. The cover picture is taken after winning a submission against Shane Carwin. Lesnar was brutally crushed by Shane Carwin in the first round, but on the second Lesnar came back with a submission. The fight has been postponed so many times because Lesnar got sick, when Lesnar got in shape he went on the ring and fight Carwin.

Lesnar is doing his training when the unveiling happens. Brock is so happy and glad about the cover, he thank UFC and his fans. On the cover is the UFC 121 preview, Lesnar vs Velasquez is the main event. UFC 121 is  on October 21 at Honda Anaheim, California.

A few days away: Glee Season 2

Gleeks are all excited and can't wait to see Glee Season 2. Not just the supporters or the fans are excited, but also the cast itself. There's new Glee members, new enemies and new songs to sing. The most awaited song and scene on the premiere episode is the Empire State of Mind, the song sets the start of Glee in New York.

After the premiere episode on September 21, the next episode is also another night to watch because it will be the Britney Spears episode. Britney will be on the show and will do the Me Against the Music together with Heather Morris who plays Brittany on the show. The show will also do a cover of "One More Time" and Oooppss.. I did it again.

Of course the love story here and there is another thing to watch too, but the main story will evolve for the national competition in New York.See how they will prepare and the trials they have to overcome for the competition. Glee Season 2 September 21 on Fox.  

Result of the investigation (Luneta Hostage)

The result of the IIRC or Incident Investigation Review Committee on the Rizal Park hostage incident is out. Last August 23,2010 at Rizal Park Manila Philippines a hostage taking end up in a sad and bloody way. President Benigno Aquino III named the people who could face charges because of what happened on that day.

Lead by the Department of Justice, IIRC recommends  former PNP Chief Jesus Versoza, PNP Ground Commander Rolando Magtibay, NCRPO Chief Leocaldo Santiago, DILG Usec Rico Puno, Sr. Supt. Orlando Yerba, head of the SWAT Team, Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, Mayor Alfredo Lim, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, Erwin Tulfo, Mike Rogas and officials from 3 news networks are facing administrative and criminal charges.

President Aquino forwarded the recommendation to a legal team, the Executive Secretary and the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel were ask to review the IIRC recommendation. The report is already sent to the Chinese Ambassador, as of Monday afternoon the spokesperson of Chinese Embassy has not yet received the report.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Willie Revillame is now a "Kapatid"

Willie Revillame is back again on TV with a new network TV5. Willie is still under controversy with his contract with ABS-CBN, the network is asking 486 million for damages. In spite of it, last September 7 Willie Revillame signed a contract in the presence of Vic Del Rosario and TV5 executives.  "Willing Willie" is the new show that Willie will be hosting and it is under his Will Productions Inc. and co-produced with TV5. Mr. Manny Pangilinan chairman of TV5 gladly welcome Willie as a KAPATID.

Official Statement of TV5
“Fans, supporters and viewers of popular host Willie Revillame will surely have reason to rejoice because their idol will definitely return on TV as a certified talent of the newest and most aggressive broadcast network in the country, TV5. Now an official TV5 Kapatid, Willie will soon be hosting a new variety and game show entitled Willing Willie on primetime which will surely endear him more to his legions of followers all across the country and around the world. The program is managed by Wil Productions Inc. and is co-produced with TV5.”

Wait and see who are the people who will join him and the concept of the said show. If things go well , it will start early October, Willie's contract on ABS CBN will end September 2011.   

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lady Gaga on" Don't ask don't tell"

Lady Gaga was escorted by military men in the MTV VMA 2010 and as she explained, this is part of her advocacy about "don't ask don't tell" policy in the US military. Don't ask don't tell or DADT is a long been controversy in the US military regarding gays joining the arm forces. It is law that prevents openly gays to be in the US military, once proven he/she will be discharge from the service. 

Serviceperson's Legal Defense Network (SLDN) reports that even if some service men kept their gender closeted, some members exposed them and violated the policy.    

Now Lady Gaga stands to her advocacy and speak out. She mentioned few examples and people behind her supporting. She is calling out people of America to ask their senators to repeal DADT policy and give people regardless of their gender a chance to serve their country.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mariel Rodriguez is now Mrs. Robin Padilla

Actress/host Mariel Rodriguez and action star Robin Padilla got married, not just once but twice . Jimmy Ong a native Ibaloi priest officiated the ceremony and said that the wedding is legal in the Igorot culture. Robin's only son Ali and the youngest among his kid, is present at the ceremony. The Ibaloi wedding is held in Baguio City and the second wedding is held in a private home and done by a pastor.

Mariel and Robin met in the noontime show WOWOWEEE, when Robin suit up for then suspended host Willie Revillame. Mariel then was with her ex Zanjoe Marudo but they are having some problems with their  relationship. Robin persuaded Mariel and even sung "Ipagpatawad mo" to Mariel.When Wowowee got cut and replaced by Pilipinas Win na Win, Mariel and Robin is included as host and never hide their relationship anymore.

During Ramadan, Robin left Pilipinas Win na Win and went to India, after a few days Mariel also left the show and followed Robin. Everything that they did in India was showed in E! live and after going to India they went to have a vacation in  HongKong with Robin's children.   

Glee and the "Empire State of Mind"

Glee Season 2 will open its series with one of the famous song of 2010, Empire State of Mind by rapper businessman Jay-Z and one brilliant artist Alicia Keys. The significant of the song, aside from the shirt they are wearing, New York City will be the venue for the national competition. September 21 is the premiere and first episode is entitled "Auditions, with new additions including Charice Pempengco.

This is the Glee cast full version of Empire State of Mind

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga explains the "Meat Dress"

Lady Gaga never seems to amaze or shock (or whatever it is) the entertainment and the whole world. In the MTV VMA 2010 she wore 3 different outfits, the two are big and heavy gowns and the other one is a meat dress. A real edible meat from the designers family butcher, Franc Fernandez. The dress was the one she wore when she won the 2010 Video of the year, Cher (with her out of the world outfit too) handed the said award and even hold Gaga's meat purse.

When Lady Gaga guested at the premiere of Ellen De Generes Show, she explains why "arm forces" escorting her when she arrived at the VMA and why she wore the meat dress.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Justin Bieber on CSI

CSI comesback on September 23 and Justin Bieber would be the guest star. CBS will air CSI Season 11 and Justin's acting will be tested.

This is one of his scene in the said series, he will play as a troubled teenager that has to make a big decision regarding his brother.

Taylor Swift MTV VMA 2010 performance

 One of the most awaited artist at the MTV VMA 2010, Taylor Swift gave a great performance at the said awards night. Last year was her most memorable VMA, when rapper Kanye West interrupt her thank you speech and stole the moment from her. There's no sign of doubt in  her eyes about something will happen and again ruin her moment. With a classic look together with a black and white television, she sung her newest song "Innocent".

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eminem performance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010

 Eminem opens MTV Video Music Awards with Rihanna, "Not Afraid" and "Love the Way you Lie" are the opening music of the said awards show. Eminem went home with 2 awards Best Male Video for "Not Afraid" and Best Hip-hop Video for the same song.


Glee Pics for New Season

Glee Season 2 will start on September 21 (September 22 Philippines), there's a lot of new addition to the group and a lot of big stars. One of the addition is Charice Pempengco who will play as Sunshine Corazon, a foreign (Filipino) exchange student who will appear in the premiere episode. There will be an episode too that is like a tribute to Britney Spears, Me Against The Music and One More Time are the two talked about songs that will be featured. One scene in the Britney Spears theme episode includes Heather Morris who plays Brittany in the said show, it's a Me Against the Music musical scene. To view exclusive pics of Glee Season 2 visit  nytimes.

Brittany (Heather Morris) and Britney Spears

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2010

Sam Milby
Cosmopolitan Magazine introduced sexy bachelors at 2010 Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash.. Girls screams and enjoy the show plus got their eyes full. Check out Cosmopolitan September issue to see all the 10 centerfolds.HOT! HOT! HOT!

Paul Jake PBB Double Up                                 Carl Guevarra

Christian Bautista                            Carlo Aquino 

Paul Jake (PBB Double UP)                                Rafael Rosell

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Amazing wheelchair backflip!!

Who said you can't do anything when your paralyzed from waist down? Watch this amazing-inspiring but dangerous stunt.

The height of the ramp in this video is 50 foot at Acer Arena in Sydney Australia

He is Aaron Fotheringham an extreme wheelchair atlete, at age 14 he did a wheelchair backflip and 4 years after he performs the double wheelchair backflip.

This is the double wheelchair backflip.. his practice and the successful attempt...

Charice on Glee Season 2 premiere

Charice Pempengco joins the premiere party of Glee Season 2 and reveals her character on the said show. She will play as a foreign exchange student from the Philippines, her name would be Sunshine Corazon. She will be "frenemies" with Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry. Lea Michele and Cory Monteith is also interviewed and gave a little details what to expect this season.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam and Can't Back Down Video

Kevin,Nick,Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato leads the Camp Rock 2: Final Jam. The story this time is about competing against the other camp, Camp Rock vs Camp Star.

This is the full length video of Demi Lovito's Can't Back Down. The song is in Disney movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam starring The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.

Glee preview with Charice Pempengco

Come September 21, 2010 the phenomenal Glee will start its Season 2. Charice Pempengco is the new addition to the club and there's a lot of additions plus big guest stars. The preview shows there's a rivalry between Charice and Lea Michele. Charice auditioned for a role and got in. She will play as a foreign exchange student.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Top 20 of the 100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines cast the 100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines, and the top 20 finalists are( as of Sept. 7,2010)

1. Angel Locsin (*Imortal)
2. Kim Chui (ASAP)
3. Anne Curtis (Showtime)
4. Sarah Geronimo (IDOL)
5. Marian Rivera (Endless Love)
6. Fretzie Bercede (_PBB Teen Clash)
7. Erich Gonzales (Magkaribal)
8. Maja Salvador (Impostor)
9. Toni Gonzaga (*Kokey at ako)
10. Angelica Panganiban (Banana Split)
11. Cristine Reyes (Kristine)
12. Kristine Hermosa
13. Venus Raj
14. KC Conception (Simply KC, The Buzz)
15. Andi Eigenmann (_Agua Bendita)
16. Heart Evangelista (Langit sa Piling Mo)
17. Shaina Magdayao (*Alyna)
18. Jennilyn Mercado
19. Empress Schuck (Rosalka)
20. Iya Villania (ASAP)

(*)upcoming projects
()current shows
shows before

Resident Evil and DEVIL

Milla Jovovich is back in Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D.This is the fourth installment of the adopted version of a video game with the same tittle. The game is created by Capcom.

One of the most anticipated movie this fall is DEVIL, a horror-thriller movie distributed by Universal Pictures. Starring Chris Messina, Geoffrey Arend, Caroline Dhavernas, Jacob Vargas, Matt Craven, and Joshua Peace. Release date is on September 17,2010.

SM Dasma robbery video

This morning a bank inside SM Dasmarinas (CAVITE) was robbed and this video is taken my one of the employee.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. apologizes.

Mayweather talking and explaining. For what he said last week, here he is, his apology to all whom he offended.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

ABS-CBN Star Magic Ball 2010 pictures

Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay

Melason=Melissa Cantiveros and Jayson Francisco

Kimerald=Kim Chui and Gerald Anderson

Direk Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga

John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao

Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo

Bret Jackson & Fretzie Bercede

James Reid & Devon Seron

Megan Young & Ateneo basketball player Nico Salva

Ivan Dorschner & Ann Li
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