Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mariel and Robin got married in India

Last night in ANC and SNN, Robin Padilla and wife Mariel Rodriguez  clear everything about their wedding.The happy couple were all smile in spite of everything that is coming out about them. The two went live and announced that they got married in Agra,India at the Taj Majal last August 19  in a Muslim rights. Robin apologized to Boy Abunda, about the "tanan" that the did and also apologizes to Mariel's parents and grandparents.The two explained they are planning to spread the news as soon as Robin fix everything regarding his son Ali.

Robin also said that the ceremony that happens in Baguio is not a wedding. They also said that the Ibaloi wedding issue did came from them but Robin respects his "katribu".Robin also said they are not disrespecting any religion or culture. Now that the truth came out, the two will continue their careers and as a start they will do a movie together.


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