Friday, December 19, 2008

My Personal Slide show

I hope you enjoy this one, it's a personal slide show.. "*c*"


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Top 3 movie trailers for 2008 by yahoo! movie

The number one spot is taken by Mr. Health Ledger as Joker "The Dark Knight"

Number two is from Mr. Harrison Ford "Indiana Jones and the kingdom of Crystal Skull"

At number 3 is the movie about vampires "Twilight"

Friday, December 5, 2008


I would like to show you my latest animal pic, this time itis about spidey. This is taken by me with the help of my cousin Jessie and Gerico, the spider was caught by my cousin Jayson while he was cleaning the ceiling. By the way after we took picture of her I personally LET THIS ANIMAL GO, so don't worry about it.


Spidey is carrying a white thing and we suspected that it was an egg containing her babies.


Luckily I got the chance to
take Spidey's face.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Away on Christmas

This is for your loving mother, for your hardworking father, or for your brother or sister that you misses so much... for them who work abroad and away from us.

I'll be home for Christmas

I'll be home for Christmas
As soon as two years will pass
I'll be home for Christmas
As soon as 24 months will pass

I'll be home for Christmas
Because I miss all of you in the house
I'll be home for Christmas
Because I don't want to spend it alone and sad

I'll be home for Christmas
And buy all the things that you like
I'll be home for Christmas
And I know that's what you like

I'll be home for Christmas
But please wait for me
I'll be home for Christmas
But please don't cry if its not tonight

Monday, October 20, 2008

Family bonding

This was taken last year during my nanay's (mother) birthday, we treat her. In the video are my tatay (in red a shirt) , my cousin Marie (in a pink shirt), and the 2 little girls are my niece Tin-tin and She-she, and my brother is holding the camera.

Its time to go swimming, have fun in the sun, love the water and just enjoy!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

Who is Barack Obama? Is he the next U.S president? Will he be the first African American who will hold the highest position in the U.S? We don’t know yet, all we know is, he is the strongest democratic candidate for the position. Let us know some information about him and his works.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was born on the 4th day of August 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii, which makes him 39 years old this year. His biological father is from Kenya, Barack Obama Sr. married for 5 years to his mother Ann Dunham. When he was six years old, Obama flew to Jakarta with his mother and stepfather, in which he got exposed to tropical poverty. He went back to Hawaii and lived with his grandparents. He graduated from Columbia University in 1983 and worked in Chicago in a church- based group for 3 years, and there mission focuses on helping the poor neighborhood which is high in crime rate and employment rate. He finished law in Harvard Law School , and became the first African American president of Harvard Law Review. He then practiced his civil- rights law in Chicago , his representing victims of housing and employment discrimination and worked on voting rights legislation. Obama also became a teacher in Chicago Law School.

He married Michelle Robinson Obama in October 18, 1992, and became a father to Malia Ann (Malia) 9, and Natasha (Sasha) 6, and they lived in the south side of Chicago. Some of his past time is basketball and poker.

Obama is known for his public service, a civil rights lawyer, and in January 4, 2005 Obama was elected as U.S. Senator as a Democrat representing Illinois and gained full respect by giving an excellent speech at Democratic National Convention in Boston. Caroline and Ted Kennedy with Robert De Niro endorsed him as a candidate for 2008 presidential campaign. Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, to name a few who supported him during his candidacy for Democratic nomination for U.S presidency against New York senator and former U.S first lady Hilary Clinton wife of former U.S. president Bill Clinton.

Time magazine named him as one of “100 most influential people in the world” in 2005-2007 and chosen as one of “10 people who would change the world” 2005 by News Stateman magazine. He even won a Grammy for best spoken word album for “The Audicy of Hope” this year. His Berlin speech last July 24, 2008 was attended by more 215,000 people. Winning the Montana primary election Obama gained enough delegates to be the first Black American presidential candidate and supported by major political party’s to run as President of the United States.

Barack will go against Arizona senator and Republican candidate for Presidency John Mc Cain, McCain’s running mate is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin while Barack choses Delaware senator Joe Biden. At this time both parties are doing there presidential campaigns for the position.

November 4,2008 Tuesday is the election day for U.S. President, and the inauguration day, where the newly elect U.S president will formally sworn into office is on January 20,2009.Will it be Barack Obama? Let’s just wait for the result.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doggie Love...

Sleeping like a baby..

Pets simply makes humans' totally crazy...

Amazingly stress free pictures...

This is the way to relax and chill!!!....

Sometimes pets' are more better than humans...

They make us smile and happy..

Thank GOD for giving them to us...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Philippine Militar Aircraft Crashed

A military air craft crashed in the island of Southern Philippines Tuesday night. After taking off from Davao International Airport, C-130 Philippine cargo aircraft of Philippine Air Force lost contact and was reported missing, the said aircraft was carrying 2 pilots and 7 crews.

Investigators reported that they found remains near one village in the island, and it was supported by some fishermen who personally saw some objects, allegedly from the plane. Air Force chief, Lt.Gen. Cadungog said evidence of aircraft parts burned, personal belongings aboard on the plane (i.d’s, wallets, combat shoes,) and Air Force documents was found on the field near the crash site. 181 meters of water and 2.5 nautical miles on the coast of Davao City, sited a wreckage plane on the ground.

The 2 pilots are Maj. Manuel Zambrano, co-pilot Capt. Adrian de Dios, Technical Sgt. Constantino Enrique Lobrigas flight engineer;, Staff Sgt. John Areola student flight engineer ;, Staff Sgt. Gary DiƱoso crew chief;, Staff Sgt. Felix Pedro Patriarca flight mechanic ;,Staff Sgts. Petronilo Fernandez Patricio Claur Jr load masters;, and Staff Sgt. Aldrin Illustrisimo, student load master. Government are now giving assistance to the families and relatives of the victims.
The plane is going to Iloilo to pick up some Pres. Arroyo’s security team and flew them back to Manila. The plane was 1,524 meters when the pilot called for a request of clearance for a flight path, since then they lost contact.

Military people suspected the incidence, a possibility of an attacked by Muslim rebels, since military operation against Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF) is now on going in Mindanao. Some rebels from the group once threatened to bomb Davao International Airport as said by Maj. Gerardo Zamudio, Phil. Air Force spokeman.
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