Thursday, August 28, 2008

Philippine Militar Aircraft Crashed

A military air craft crashed in the island of Southern Philippines Tuesday night. After taking off from Davao International Airport, C-130 Philippine cargo aircraft of Philippine Air Force lost contact and was reported missing, the said aircraft was carrying 2 pilots and 7 crews.

Investigators reported that they found remains near one village in the island, and it was supported by some fishermen who personally saw some objects, allegedly from the plane. Air Force chief, Lt.Gen. Cadungog said evidence of aircraft parts burned, personal belongings aboard on the plane (i.d’s, wallets, combat shoes,) and Air Force documents was found on the field near the crash site. 181 meters of water and 2.5 nautical miles on the coast of Davao City, sited a wreckage plane on the ground.

The 2 pilots are Maj. Manuel Zambrano, co-pilot Capt. Adrian de Dios, Technical Sgt. Constantino Enrique Lobrigas flight engineer;, Staff Sgt. John Areola student flight engineer ;, Staff Sgt. Gary DiƱoso crew chief;, Staff Sgt. Felix Pedro Patriarca flight mechanic ;,Staff Sgts. Petronilo Fernandez Patricio Claur Jr load masters;, and Staff Sgt. Aldrin Illustrisimo, student load master. Government are now giving assistance to the families and relatives of the victims.
The plane is going to Iloilo to pick up some Pres. Arroyo’s security team and flew them back to Manila. The plane was 1,524 meters when the pilot called for a request of clearance for a flight path, since then they lost contact.

Military people suspected the incidence, a possibility of an attacked by Muslim rebels, since military operation against Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF) is now on going in Mindanao. Some rebels from the group once threatened to bomb Davao International Airport as said by Maj. Gerardo Zamudio, Phil. Air Force spokeman.

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