Monday, September 27, 2010

Survivor Philippines Update: Celebrity Showdown

Last week Buhawi was voted out in the tribal council living only 3 members of Magan, Mico, Solenn and Elma. The next day at the reward challenge a surprise change of team and leaders is announced. Magan tribe is gone, only two tribes now exist, Sarmayee and Nagar. The castaways picked a stone inside a bag, who ever gets the red stone will be the Nagar's tribe leader and whoever gets the yellow stone will be the Sarmayee's tribe leader. Aron got the red stone while Akihiro gets the yellow stone.

The new members of the Nagar tribe are Solen, Mico,Aira,Karen and Aron, Ian and Moi are the original members of Nagar. Members of Sarmayee are Akihiro,Aubrey,Ervic, Elma, Jon, Trizsa and Michelle.

The reward challenge is a test of the castaways memory, there are questions which they have to answer and the answer to the question has a corresponding key that will open a locked ladder.The ladder will lead them to the top of the pyramid in which there's a puzzle totem that they have to solve. Nagar had a lead but they had a hard time answering the next questions and getting the right keys.On the other hand Sarmaye got the questions and the keys right. Jon got to the top and solved the puzzle totem. The reward of the challenge is a thai spa massage on their camp.

After the reward challenge the new Sarmaye tribe went to their camp, even if they won the challenge Jon is so disappointed with their shelter. On the Nagar camp Karen,Aira, Solen and Mico is so happy with their shelter.

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