Friday, August 6, 2010

Canine Distemper Virus

Canine Distemper Virus is a disease that affects mainly domestic dogs, it is an evil kind of virus that killed two of my dogs. I saw my dog suffer with this virus. I am a dog lover and all my life dogs have always been a part of my life or my family's life.Unfortunately I am not that educated with viruses or diseases that might kill dogs. All I know is that once they survived the growing up stage they will live healthy and will die because they are old.

I come to know this virus last month,even now I am clueless where did my dogs got it. At first I thought is was just a cold because there's a phlegm like substance coming out at my dogs nose. So I gave him meds and let him drink water with sugar (this will help him drink more water). But what really shocks me is after a few days my dog is having a hard time walking and his month started to move uncontrollably. Things got worst, he can't no longer move his legs, his mouth got locked and we are having a hard time feeding him. Then a after two weeks of suffering he died.

When this things is happening to him, my three other dogs are sick too.The two got well, maybe because the two had a different kind of virus involving just the change of weather. But the other one got infected by my other dogs virus, which is by that time I researched for it and I got to read about Canine Distemper Virus.

When we sited the same symptoms as the other dog, we decided to consult a veterinarian.We don't usually consult vets because it will cause us that much, we love our dogs but sometimes we have to prioritize things. What really broke my heart is to know that the only solution is to have the dog under go Euthanasia or mercy killing. I know its too late and we didn't expect this thing to happened, this is new to me and to my family.

The vet also explained that the virus is already in her brain, it will damage her system little by little and it will make the dog suffer too much. He said that the dog should have given a shot before the virus got into her, meaning it is a must for dogs to have a shot against this virus.

My family and I decided to keep her, we prayed and believed that a miracle will happened. Same as the first dog she suffered of being paralyzed, having seizures and constant moving of mouth. After 3 weeks she died too.

This is for those who is not aware of this virus give your dogs an anti Canine Distemper Virus before its too late.

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