Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Christian the Lion story

This video is a true to life story between an animal and a human being, a short presentation of the whole story. For someone who is an animal lover, the story will make you cry and will truly appreciate the love that an animal gives. No matter how dangerous they are,animals knows what genuine love is and this story is a proof to it.

Christian the Lion story begun in Myspace then posted in Youtube and now it's big in Facebook.

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Violetwrites said...

I've actually seen this story before on the internet since I am an animal lover.
A big problem right now all over the world but especially in Africa is what they call "canned hunts". They take zoo animals or animals that have been near humans before and put them in fenced quarters for hunters. To learn more google the term.

God help this world. Humans are always the worst.

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