Sunday, August 15, 2010

Elvis Presley is still the king..

It has been 33 years since the King of Rock and Roll died, still Elvis Presley's legacy and greatness is remembered by the whole world. August 16 1977 at 3:30 pm Elvis Aaron Presley is declared dead at Baptist Memorial Hospital. Until now there's no clear reasons what causes his death but mainly they say its drug abuse.Die hard fans are assuming that his death is just a show and Elvis is still alive somewhere.Elvis is buried in Graceland on August 18, thousands of people is gathered outside just to see him for the last time.He was re-buried on October 2 at Graceland's Meditation Garden where his mother's remains is also buried.

A lot of books and stories have been written about him, but one common thing about these things is, Elvis Presley changed the way how rock song should be played. He is not just one of the most impersonated Hollywood rockatar but also one of the most important person in music. HAIL TO THE KING!!

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