Monday, August 23, 2010

Ms. Mexico is the most beautiful woman in the universe.(Ms. Universe 2010)

Dressed in her red long gown Ms. Mexico Jimena Navarrete, of Guadalajara is the most beautiful woman in the universe. The pageant was held in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Ms. Jamaica is the first runner up and will take the place if ever Ms. Mexico cannot fulfill her duty as Ms. Universe. Ms. Mexico got the highest score in long gown and second in swimsuit competition. Ms. Australia, is the 3rd runner up, Miss Ukraine is the 4th runner up, Ms. Philippines is in fifth place. Ms. Mexico is asked about the effect of the internet to young people by judge Ivan Lysacek.

Ms. Philippines Venus Raj took the fifth place...

After all the controversy, Ms. Philippines prove that she deserves the crown as Ms. Universe Philippines as she got in in top 5. She is so stunning in her swimsuit showing her long legs and brown skin, her elegance showed up in her long gown.Venus got the last spot in top 5 and questioned by judge William Baldwin.Ms. Philippines is one of the favorite in the competition and took fifth the place.

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