Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miners are all safe!!

Celebration of life for Chile as 33 trapped miners was rescued after 69 days in the dark hole. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera waited for the miners to emerge from the 2,050 feet hole.When the capsule unload the first miner, he was greeted with warm hugs and tearful celebration from their family, friends and countrymen.

The 33 miners were trapped after the mine collapsed on August 5, some believed that they are all dead. After 17 days, rescuers discovered that they are all trapped 2,050 feet below.When they were discovered, live images of the miners, their situation and how they survived, is seen by the world.

Different emotions is seen in the miners face once they reach the surface, the oldest miner Mario Gomez is so thankful that he is alive and was able to survived the tragedy. The second miner, Mario Sepulveda is so happy and even gave the president and his fellow miners stones that will serve as a souvenir.After giving the stones he went to the crowd and started to yell Chi!Chi! Chi!Le!Le!Le!

Each miners will have to travel 20 minutes to emerge from the hole. The a shift foreman Luis Urzua, is the last miner who came out. Luis is the one who held the group together and  kept their food and supplies last up to the time they were rescued.

Luis Urzua
The trapped miners wore a special suit as a protection while on the capsule and a sun glass to protect their eyes once they reach the surface. Some miners who have been rescued are healthy and some experienced dizziness but they are all safe now and resting at the hospital.

The whole world watches as one by one, miners emerges safely,smiling and hugging their loved ones. U.S President Barack Obama is one of those who continuously watches the rescue operation. He sent out his praises to the Chilean government and to all the people who helped the miners. 



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