Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gerald Anderson cries and open up

During the presscon of Till My Heartaches End by Star Cinema at the Dolphy Theater, Gerald Anderson cries and open up about their fans threatening him, Bea and his family.

Kim Chui and Gerald Anderson have been supported by their avid fans since they went out at the PBB house. When rumors spread out that Gerald will be team up with Bea Alonzo,he started to received threats and hate mails. The scariest was, a fan threatening to pour acid to Gerald and Bea's face.

“Marami po akong natatanggap na hate mails kahit sa bahay ko, ang mga mahal ko sa buhay ko ay nadadamay,” he said.

As Gerald breaksdown he went out and never came back at the presscon, staff said that Gerald experiencing hyperventilation.

When Kim left alone in the presscon, she cries and explained“Ako, okay ako, ayaw kong may naririnig ako na papatayin si Bea, tatapunan ng asido at papatayin si Gerald, ayaw ko ng ganoon,” she said.

Kim also thanked those fans who understand and still supporting their love team.  

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