Friday, October 8, 2010

Kris Aquino and Kids got infected of Foot and Mouth Disease

Thursday night Kris Aquino twitted
“We r all sick. Josh caught foot & mouth disease. Nahawa Bimby & me. I don’t have the sores around the mouth or the rashes sa hands & feet but my fever went up to 40 last night. We r all taking Zoverax & Immunosin. Ang tibay the 3 yayas, Yaya A, Gerbel & Ruby. Di sila nahawa. Rare daw for an adult to get hawa but u know me -- lapitin ng sakit. Naka isolate kami for at least 1 week.”
Kris said that they got HFMD from Josh, Josh had a fieldtrip and suspected that he got the virus from the place they visited.

A person with HFMD will have headache, high fever, sores on palms of hands and feet, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.HFMD is cause by intestinal viruses and a lot different from FMD that is related to animals. 

Kris also added “Bimby & I r in 1 room since we still both have fever -- kuya’s in his room because he’s pagaling na. If we have contact w/ him baka mabinat sya. Last night grabe -- they iced na my feet & head because fever was 40. We’re not allowed to leave our condo til next weekend.”


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