Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Larry King Talked about Gay Bullying

Larry King invited openly gay celebrities and advocate to talk about gay bullying. Wanda Sykes, Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass,Chely Wright and Tim Gunn speaks up about the growing statistics of gay suicide.

Kathy Griffin and Wanda Sykes believes that the society plays a big role on gay bullying. Griffin is connecting the Prop 8, don't ask don't tell policy and the growing statistics of gay suicide.

Lance open up by telling his story, Lance used to bullied gay kids to hide his own secret. He used to crack jokes about them and laugh at them, but he did those things to fit in with his friends and other kids. 

Tim Gunn attempted to commit suicide because of fear.Chely Wright and Nate Berkus share their stories about being bullied and the crisis they gone through for being gay.

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