Monday, October 4, 2010

Luis, KC, Vs Mariel Rodriguez

After all the controversies about her recent wedding with Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriquez is now having a feud with her Kapamilya stars and friends. Two weeks ago Toni Gonzaga speak out about their misunderstanding, Toni didn't go in details about it but she made it clear that they are not in good terms.

Sunday on The Buzz another Kapamilya stars and friend of Mariel is having a dispute with her.Luis Manzano and KC Conception clear things about the animosity between them and Mariel. Luis-Mariel issue is about Robin confronting Luis about the Wowowee incident.Mariel is accused of complaining to Robin about Luis and lead Robin confronts Luis.Luis said that its not true but just like Toni he admits that he is not in good terms with Mariel too.

KC on the other hand is talking about Mariel saying negative things about her and her show(Simply KC). She didn't like what she heard and it bothers her.

Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda is now included to the story, the two didn't comment about the situation but they are hoping that everything will be fix soon.

Boy Abunda Mariel's manager said that things can be fix in time. If everyone is ready and emotions are not that high anymore they can talk and laugh about it.

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