Saturday, October 9, 2010

President Aquino III: Status: Single

President Noynoy and girlfriend Councilor Shalani Soledad ended their relationship in their own quiet way. The two had dinner at Alfredo’s, restaurant and agreed to call it quits.

Friends of  the ex-couple clear that there is no third party involve in the said break up.

When the truth was still not yet out, Shalani was asked about the status of their relationship but she chose not to elaborate her answer.

President Aquino has been keeping his personal life from the media, if there's one thing that he wants to keep private, it is his relationship with Shalani. Some say that the president is the one who put an end to it.

On the other hand Shalani also kept her distance from the media and in her own way supporting her ex boyfriend during the election. Until now nothing is heard from her and again chose to keep it from the eye of the people.

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