Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mommy Dionisia faint during the Pacquiao fight

For the first time Mommy Dionosia Pacquiao, mother of Congressman Pacquiao, watches his son's fight LIVE. Mommy D decided to watch the fight at the Cowboys Stadium, the famous mom usually stay home or in her hotel room praying whenever Pacquiao has a big fight. Since Congressman Manny said to her that this might be his last fight, she seated in the best seat in the stadium and joined the Filipinos cheering for his son.

Everything went fine as she watches the undercards, she seems to be relax and enjoying the other fight. When Pacquiao enters the stadium , Mommy Dionisia felt the tension and the excitement of the Filipinos shouting Pacquiao's name.

The fight begun, in the earlier round, Margarito got Pacquiao on the rope and punching the pound for pound king relentlessly. Mommy D felt dizzy and decided to live. Right before she went to the US her doctor advised her not to watch it live and just watch it on TV, but since Manny promised her that this might be his last fight she insisted to watch it live.   

Mommy Dionisia explained in Showbiz Central by a phone patch, that when she saw Margarito punching his son, as a mother she felt the pain of Pacquiao and she felt dizzy and her kness got weak. Her companion immidiately comfort her, they left the stadium and she decided to stay in her room.

Mommy D is now feeling good, she went out of his room as soon as she heard that Congressman Pacquiao won the fight. Now, she is more eager to asked his son to quit and retire from boxing.

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Unpredictable said...

He should listen to his mom. He has nothing more to accomplish or prove in the ring. His accomplishments speak loudly for itself. So forget about Floyd Mayweather and concentrate on your new job as the Representative of the people of Saranggani in the Philippine Congress. They needs your help to improve their living.

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