Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shalani Soledad Willing Willie host?

Willie Revillame have been announcing that he will be having a new co-host on Monday. When he announced it last Wednesday it just simple, no clues or any hint, but last Thursday he gave a controversial clue. He said that "Nandito na po Sya", the "Sya" means Shalani Soledad?

Councilor Shalani Soledad of Valenzuela City is a household name when she became President Noynoy's girlfriend. President Aquino III and Shalani kept their relationship very private, but a few weeks ago they broke up after almost a year of being together.

If this is true, then Shalani already embraced the idea of being in the crazy world of showbiz? Paparazzi host Cristy Fermin interviewed her mother and will be aired today, so is this the confirmation of the rumor?

(I see Kris Aquino on the Buzz today or maybe on SNN by the coming days.)

ABS-CBN brings back the tandem of  Kabayan Noli and Korena on TV Patrol this Monday and Willing Willie will reveal their new co-host this Monday too, is this a serious head to head competition between Willie Revillame and the Kapamilya Network?

(I see rating announcements, who rates higher and who got more audience share).

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