Friday, November 26, 2010

Willie Revillame vs ABS-CBN: All out war

Last night Willie Revillame declares all out war against his former network ABS-CBN. After his opening number, Revillame speak out to the audience and to the executives whom he said is watching the show while having their meetings. He is furious about the allegations that they are copying Wowowee and as a reply he asked the people " Sino ba ang Wowowee?" and the audience shouted "Ikaw".

Kapamilya network again, filed a TRO against his show, a 127 million copyright infringement case at Makati Regional Trial Court. ABS claims that the whole idea of Willing Willie is a copy cat of Wowowee. As a producer of the said defunct noontime show, they are protecting the whole ideas or concept of the show from stealing and copyright. The petition is stating that, the opening of the show , the games, the dancers and the execution of the whole show is a clone of Revillame's former noontime show.

To enlightened everyone, Willie said that July 31 he is ready to go back to work and he had a meeting with Ms. Charo Santos, Linggit Tan, and his former manager. The meeting went well and he already call his staff for his comeback. After a few days, Linggit Tan spoke to him and she said that the people still hates him and he can't go back to the show. They offer him another show since he still has a contract with them, he didn't accept it and even if his contract ends on September 2011, he left the network.

Now that he found a new home, TV5 accept him, and sponsors still trust him, Willie just wants to work but the network is stopping him, he added. Revillame also revealed some things last night, it includes the controversies that his former show had gone through. The stampede in Philsport Stadium that kills 71 people and the "dayaan issue", he said that " Nagbigay ako ng 1 million sa mga victims at sino po ba ang dumadalaw gabi-gabi sa mga lamay?" "at sa dayaan naman ako naman po and humarap dyan".

Next week the hearing will start and he is asking the people to support him and go with him. He doesn't want these things to happened but he needs to fight for his staff and the people who support the show.

Willie's co-host Ms. Shalani Soledad supports him and will go with them on the hearing day.

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