Friday, December 3, 2010

Akihiro Sato: The First Celebrity Showdown Sole Survivor

Akihiro Sato is the celebrity sole survivor who outwit, outplay and outlast his fellow celebrity castaways.

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown made a big twist, the live telecast of casting the votes for the 7th jury and the live voting of juries happened in one night.

Solenn, Aubrey, Ervick and Akihiro were the 4 remaining castaways. Before living the island, the 10 castaways made their votes for the 7th jury, Akihiro and Aubrey had an equal number of votes that lead to another voting process. Aubrey Miles completes the jury after a neck to neck battle against Akihiro Sato.

After the announcement of the 7th jury, the juries started to wrote down their choice. It was a tough voting and Akihiro got enough votes to be the First Celebrity Sole Survivor.

Akhiro's journey to survive
Akihiro started as a  Sar Mayee member,along with him in the tribe was Aubrey and Ervick, the 3 created a very strong alliance. His team always came second to Nagar and it is a safe way to avoid tribal council. When he became the tribe leader of the new Sar Mayee tribe, having John Hall made them the strongest tribe.

When the 10 castaways became one tribe, the Galone tribe, Akihiro won almost all the challenges, whether it is an immunity or a reward challenge.

In the last immunity/reward challenge, Ervick won the challenge because Akihiro gave way in exchange for the immunity necklace. Ervick made a big decision by choosing the reward ( a car) and by giving Aubrey the immunity necklace.

Akihiro felt betrayed by Aubrey and Ervick and in the last tribal council he blamed Aubrey for betraying other castaways.

Aki's Mr' Nice Guy persona, harwork and will to win all the challenges paid off, he got 3 votes from the jury  and took home the 3 million peso prize plus the tittle of the 1st celebrity showdown sole survivor.

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