Monday, December 20, 2010

New peso bills errors explained

New Generation Currency - 20
  New Generation Currency - 20
New Generation Currency - 50  New Generation Currency - 50
New Generation Currency - 100  New Generation Currency - 100
New Generation Currency - 200  New Generation Currency - 200
New Generation Currency - 500  New Generation Currency - 500
New Generation Currency - 1000  New Generation Currency - 1000

Critics found the new peso bills misleading, they saw some errors that might confused the people.

They point out that in the 500 peso bill the beak of the blue-naped parrot should be red not yellow and its tail should be yellow and not green. The wrong location of the Saint Paul subterranean river in Palawan and the Tubbataha Reefs National Park is also another issue that BSP has to explain.

BSP official explained that there is no mistake regarding the color and the location. They cannot follow the real color of an actual blue-naped parrot because the colors used in printing monetary bills is limited not like in commercial printing like brochures, magazines etc.The problem about the location is that they cannot put the whole map in the limited space.

The main goal of the new peso bills is to add new security features and to avoid fake bills to circulate

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