Sunday, February 20, 2011

Donaire scores a knockout against Montiel.

The Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire Jr. gave Montiel a fight that he will never forget.

Donaire got Montiel knocked out by a left hook, Montiel was able to got up but the referee stop the fight after he received more hard punches from Nonito.

Montiel is also known for hard punches, he beaten two other Filipino fighters by a knockout. The loss gave Montiel his 44-3-2 record,and  34 won by a knockout.

Nonito now have a 26-1 record, 18 by a way of knockout. In this fight he got the WBC/WBO bantamweight tittles. The Pinoy pride is confident about the fight and made a promise to his Filipino supporters that he will give his best.

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