Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flowers for Valentines Day

LOVE day is just around the corner, lovers all over the place, love songs playing over and over again on the radio and flower shop will run out of flowers.  

Flowers is one or maybe the most romantic thing to give every Valentines Day. Women who will receive flowers from someone they love on Valentines day, will surely treasure every moment of that day.

Here's the list of flowers you can choose from
Rose whether its red, white, yellow or pink.

Daisy its packed like petals  adds beauty and elegance

Tulips- mostly popular in Europe.

Carnation it can last up to three weeks after being cut.

Orchids-you can choose from a wide variety of colors and shapes. 

  Lily - the petals caught everyone's attention.
Lilac it can be white, mauve or pink.

Sunflower the color will simply light up someone's day.
Iris means faith, hope and wisdo
Wildflower means adoration.  

Source: Associated Content 

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