Monday, February 21, 2011

Maria Aragon another Charice?

Maria Aragon did her own version of Lady Gaga's new single "Born this way" on Youtube and after days of posting it, her video now has over 10 million views and still counting. The 10 year own Filipino American used her dad and brother's youtube account and uploaded her video with her sister holding the camera.

After she posted the video, Lady Gaga got a chance to watch it and she posted this on her twitter account
" Lady Gaga
Can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.
Now, Maria got a call from Lady Gaga and when Gaga got reminded of her show in Toronto on March, she invited Maria to sing with her on stage. The little girl got so excited after hearing it from her.    

This remind us of another youtube star Charice, she got discovered also on youtube. Now, Oprah got her doing concerts, performing with other great singers and got a spot on Glee.  
No comparison, just two great Filipino talent with different things to offer.  

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