Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rep. Ronald Singson: sentenced to 18 months in jail

Hongkong court released an order to detain Rep. Ronald Singson for 18 months in Hongkong for drug possession.

Last year, Singson was arrested in Hongkong airport, he was caught in possession of 6.67 grams of cocaine. He spend 2 months in jail and posted bail for his freedom.  He pleaded guilty for possession but for personal consumption and has no intention to sell the drugs.

District Court Judge Joseph Yau gave Singson credit for admitting his mistake and as a member of the Philippine House of Representatives, the court decided to sentence Singson to 1 year and six months instead of 2 years and six months.

Gov. Chavit Singson, Ronald's girlfriend Lovi Poe and siblings attended the court hearing and cried after they heard the court order.Gov, Singson, informed the press people, that his son will be detained in Hong Kong’s Lai Chi Kok Correctional Institution. The whole family is sad he said, but "nobody is above the law" and they don't have plans to appeal the case.

Other congressmen and member of the House is calling for Singson's resignation. Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone said, he has to resign to maintain the respect and honor the people has for the other congressmen. Rep. Teodoro Casi, Bayan-Muna rep. said that the ethics committee should recommend expulsion to the plenary.

Rep. Ronald Singson apologized for what he has done and will deal with all the problems he left here as soon as he completed his sentence.  


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