Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharon Cuneta vs Hayden Kho

 Hayden Kho  tweeted "There's a billboard ad in Edsa developed by advertisers who think consumers are stupid. Guess." .  People close to Sharon Cuneta thought that Hayden is talking and slamming her Marie France billboard.

Sharon answers back, defend Marie France and her credibility as an endorser.  "Ang nakakatawa, parang I don't have to have to defend myself, pero what I'll do na lang is siguro, at this point, I'll remind na lang everybody na I've been endorsing products very credibly, very carefully, since I was 13.

"At hindi ko ipagpapalit sa isang endorserment yung reputation ko," diin ni Sharon. "Marie France has been around for 25 years. Itanong n'yo na lang kay Dawn [Zulueta]."

She also send a message to Hayden "If I may add to that: Decent people are [the only] people I would like to listen to. Not those who do not know the meaning of decency. And who treat women like they're nothing! Excuse me!
 "You know, you want to start a war with me? You? Fix all your problems first!" matapang na pahayag ni Sharon.

Hayden cleared things and tweeted  "Wow! i wasn't referring to the MF (Marie France) billboard. I was referring to a "L**D" that's supposed to be a LOURDES. Dahan dahan naman po."
and "That was quite a wounding tirade from someone i respect. Ironic, really. Very ironic."



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