Friday, March 11, 2011

Celebrities who tweeted their prayers for the victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan

The whole world is so sad with what happened today, prayers for everyone, specially to those victim of this tragedy.
Lindsay Lohan
My mommy just woke my sister and i up to this! god bless those that are in fear.
Lea Michele
So devastating to hear about the huge earthquake & tsunami Japan. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone there.
Amber Patrice Riley
Omg my heart goes out to Japan. I pray this devastation stops.
GOD BLESS everyone in Japan and anyone affected by this disaster- you are in every thought and prayer!!
Chris Brown
I'm buggin out right now over japan!!
OMG! This footage on TV now of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in is so crazy. My thoughts are with everyone there! Stay strong!
Katy Perry
My prayers go out to anyone that is being effected by the disaster in Japan...
Just heard about the huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My prayers are with everyone in Japan!
Paris Hilton
Watching the news about the huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan. :( My heart goes out to everyone in Japan. Praying for you all.
Glued to TV watching this unreal earthquake footage out of Japan. Sending prayers to everyone affected. Unbelievable.
 Local Celebrities:

ruby rodriguez
Have been watching CNN, the devastation in Japan makes me teary eyed. Lets pray for their quick recovery and strength.
Rajo Laurel
AMEN RT @: My prayers go out to all those affected in . Asia, please be safe, don't panic and take proper precautions!
Izadora Calzado
Batanes, I'm praying for you. What a beautiful and special place! I hope the tsunami spares you from it's wrath.
Gabriel Valenciano
Lord, all is well in Your name. Be with all those who are in need and soften the hearts of those that are in pain.
Georgina Wilson
I hope everyone in Japan stays safe ☹☹ let's keep praying for them. 
zsa zsa padilla
:( I'm still shaking watching the tsunami live at CNN. Let us keep praying for Japan.
candy Pangilinan
Lord, we beg please spare us, spare the Philippines.
Anne Curtis-Smith
Let us also pray that the damage stops there... May it not destroy any more countries or take away lives.
Iya Villania
The news is so shocking :( let's pray for those affected... :(
Lord I say a prayer for this country. May we forever stay protected within you hands of protection regardless of size the tsunami may be.
Lets pause and pray - Lord pls help our friends and family and Japan, spare them and protect the Philippines. We put our Trust in you Lord
lovi poe
my gosh naiiyak ako.... lets all pray together guys.

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