Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miracles: 4 month old baby and a 70 year old woman rescued in Japan

No one will survivor, that is the first thing you will think when you see the images of Japan right after the earthquake and the tsunami. Japanese authorities is anticipating to recover 10,000 dead people.

Ishinomaki City in Sendai is directly hit by earthquake and tsunami, rescuers were collecting lifeless bodies in the pile of debris and stones.   

But miracles do happen, right in the middle of a catastrophe, a baby cries for help. The 4 month old baby was swept away when the strong tsunami hit their home. The baby's parents were just hoping to see their child's dead body.In a miraculous way, the child survived without any wounds and safely rescued by the Japanese Defense Force.

A 70 year old woman was swept away by the tsunami but was able to survive. The woman was rescued but suffers hypothermia and now being attended in a local hospital.  

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