Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Royal Mews: The Royal Wedding Preparation

The Royal Mews prepares for the Royal Wedding on April 29, Royal Mews are mainly in charge of the vehicular transportation of the British Royal Family . Colonel  Toby Browne, the Crown Equerry is the head of the Royal Mews, they are preparing 4 horses, two for Kate and Prince William, the other two is for her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Mark Hargreaves, Head Coachman is preparing the horses. They will use horses with the right size, temperament and stamina for the big occasion. They have Irish drafters and deutsche warm blood horses.

Martin Oates, Senior Carriage, in charge of the carriages. He is a 4th generation lineage who works for the Royal Family and he is preparing and attending a second Royal Wedding. They will use the1930 carriage and the 1902 carriage that is used by Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. 

Alex Garty Transport Manager prepares the 1950 Rolls Royce, the oldest state car owned by the Royal family.

All the preparation is half way done as the big day is coming. They are all concern about the weather, the horses and carriages are ready whatever the weather is.

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