Thursday, April 21, 2011

AJ Perez and his non showbiz girlfriend

Steph Ayson, AJ Perez's non showbiz girlfriend, posted some pictures of her and AJ in her twitter and Facebook account.

Maybe she wants to keep the happy memories AJ and her had, her profile pic, in her facebook account was their prom night. She also posted some more photos during their prom night.

 She decided to open her twitter account to the public.
Steph Ayson
Opening my twitter to the public so I could share the AJ I know with everyone. I've always been his fan since I was in grade school, too.

This photo was tweeted by her..
Steph Ayson
My new facebook profile picture. AJ being his usual makulit self.

Steph and AJ's family, is still grieving, but they are holding on to their faith to let go and accept his painful  the lost.

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