Saturday, April 23, 2011

Best Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is coming and here are some gift ideas for your loving mom.
A personalized balloons.
Before you can only do a personalized card but now, balloons can now be personalized. I'm talking about those balloons that fits to an inkjet printer to print pictures of your mom or a family pictures with a sweet greetings.

Bake a heart shape cake
Cake is the one of the best dessert in any celebration. If you can bake one, try to do a heart shape cake with a dedication "I Heart you mom".

Serenade her
If you can't sing let someone sing for you, do the dinner and then go ask your friend or your friend's friend on facebook to sing for you. Make sure the list of songs are her favorites.

Post a youtube video  and "share" it on facebook
Shout to the world how much you love your mom and how lucky you are to have a mother like her. 

These ideas are personalized gifts, and I think that gifts created personally by children is the best gift for mothers, because it is a confirmation that they raised a good child. Spending time and efforts for those gifts are one way of giving importance to your mom, you can be with your friends with those time or be stuck on your computer.

Mothers love expensive gift, who doesn't? but if you don't have time to spend with them, I don't think it is the best gift.  

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