Sunday, April 3, 2011

First quarter news 2011 (World News)

The first quarter of 2011 already left a lot of stories, the face of the first three months was protest, mourning and natural disasters. Celebration, funny and comeback lighted the first quarter.

Here are the first quarter top stories of 2011..

January 2011 

Australia Floods

Australia floods
   Due to continuous heavy rain last December 2010 up to January 2011 in Queensland Australia, floods became destructive.The country recorded deaths and missing persons, it is caused by the heavy floods that wiped out cars, trees, houses and anything that it ran thru.

Academy Awards 2011
   Colin Firth won an Academy Awards for Best Actor for portraying King George VI "The King's Speech". Natalie Portman won her Academy Award for Best Actress as ballet dancer in "Black Swan".

American Idol Comeback
Randy, Jennifer, Steven, Ryan
   American Idol Season 10 started with a new judge, rock icon Steven Tyler and sexy Latina Jennifer Lopez.

Egypt Protest
  Egypt wants Egytian President Hosni Mubarak to resign. It is a bloody revolution as military people try to protect their commander and protesters wants their voices to be heard. Rebels begun to take over the capital city and Gaddafi allies used military power to fight protesters and rebels.

February 2011

President Hosni Mubarak resign
   Protest all over Egypt and pressure from other world leaders made Pres. Hosni Mubarak to stepped down. Thirty six years ago Mubarak was the Vice President of Eqypt and he became President when the president at that time was assassinated.   
Hosni Mubarak

New Zealand Earthquake
   Magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch killed more than 50 people. Building collapsed after a few minutes of shaking and people got trapped inside. Some were rescued but those are still missing now are considered dead.

Libya "Day of Rage"
Pres. Gaddafi
   Libyan protesters declared "Day of Rage" against Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi. It is an all out protest against Pres. Gaddafi as Libya calls for democracy and election for new president.

Charlie Sheen "tigerblood" and "winning" 
Charlie Sheen
  After his outraged interviews on different shows, Charlie Sheen used the words "winning" and "tigerblood", the words became viral. Sheen's popular show "Two in a half Man" was cancelled by CBS and Warner Bros.He used the web to send his "winning" and "tigerblood" attitude, when he joined twitter he gained 1,000,000 followers in less than 24 hours. All his videos on youtube and ustream, when it was still running on the internet, had 500,000 views.


 March 2011

U.S air strike in Libya
  As U.S implemented a no fly zone in Libya, Gaddafi declare a ceasefire but failed to do so. U.S. and Western allies decided to launched an air strike, the strike was permitted by  UN Security Council.   

 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
Japan earthquake and Tsunami
   Japan hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that produced a 30 feet tsunami. In live news, people around the world saw the images of the moving tsunami

Nuclear Power PLant in Japan
Nuclear Problem in Japan 
  After the earthquake and tsunami, Japan's Nuclear Power Plant exploded due to power failure. The nuclear reactors inside the plant overheat, officials tried to cool it down but 4 power reactors exploded. Radiation is carefully watched by authorities.

Myanmar earthquake
  Another natural disaster, Myanmar was hit by a 6.8 earthquake, it killed more than 60 people and left hundreds of people injured.

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