Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Official coat of arms of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton now has a official Coat Of Arms, it was granted to her Father Mr. Michael Middleton.

The Coat of Arms is approved by Mr. Thomas Woodcoock, Garter King of Arms and Senior Herald in England. Coat of Arms  represents and identify a person, school, organization, and to last forever, Mr. Woodcock explained.

All the designs in the Coat of Arms has its meaning, the three acorns represents Mr. and Mrs. Middleton's children,Catherine, Philippa and James. The gold chevron is for their mother Mrs Middleton because her maiden name is Goldsmith and the thin gold chevron's symbolizes hills and mountains. Red and blue are the main colors of the United Kingdom.

After their the wedding, Kate's coat of arms,with the Royal warrant of Queen Elizabeth, will be place those with her husband.    

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