Monday, April 18, 2011

Rain influential than Pres. Obama and Mark Zuckenberg

Asian superstar is influential than the US President and creator of facebook and has 500 millions friends.
Rain a singer and actor in Seoul Korea ranks number 1 on the online 100 poll conducted by TIME magazine.The 28 year old singer, actor, model and designer top the poll that ended last April 14.He got a total of  460,060 votes all over the world.

Another Asian actor got the second spot, Jay Chou a Taiwanese actor, while Susan Boyle, the Britain Got Talent singing sensation occupied the number 3 spot.

Lady Gaga,( no.1 2010), Jeff Bridges ( no.3 2010), Hilary Clinton( no.4 2010), Sandra Bullock ( no.8 2010) and Sarah Palin ( no.9 2010) drops from the top10 100 poll. Jay-Z's wife Beyonce rank 6 and Glee main cast Chris Colfer rank 7, made it to the top 10.

Mark Zuckenberg is rank 29, Michelle Obama rank 32, President Barack Obama number rank 46, Katy Perry rank 47, the Chilean Miners rank 40, Johnny Depp rank 53, Bradgelina(Angelina and Brad Pitt) rank 147, Jennifer Lopez rank 153 and Kanye West is on last spot rank 203. See the complete list here.

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