Sunday, April 17, 2011

Regine and Ogie finally admitted pregnancy

"Totoo po na Ogie and I are going to have a Baby" Asia's songbird proudly admitted.

In a video sent to Party Pilipinas, Regine confirmed the rumored pregnancy and apologizes to the people about their decision to keep it for a while. They decided not to admit anything because they want to finish all her shows and all her commitment,but with her doctor's advice to have a total bed rest she has to stop working and stay home.

She also thanked their bosses for continuous support and for giving them a chance to clear the issue about her. It also took her sometime to leave her show, but the baby is their priority right now that is why she immediately left her shows.

The baby is also an advance birthday gift for her as she will be turning 41 this coming April 22. 

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