Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Suspension for Willing Willie

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board will decide today on the "Jan-Jan Willing Willie" controversy.

 The board set a preliminary investigation last April 4, they ask ABC TV5 and Willing Willie to submit a counter affidavit and appeal regarding the accusation. MTRCB Chairman  Mary Grace Poe Llamanzares assigned 3 board members to be a Hearing and Adjudication Committee,  Investigation Report of ABC TV5’s internal Ombudsman will investigate and the report that will be submitted today will be the basis of the punishment.

On the statement released by MTRCB last April 4, as quoted "MTRCB pointed out that ABC TV5 should be able to impose punitive sanctions on the program and its hosts, which can range from a reprimand to a cancellation of the TV program itself, in the spirit of self-regulation." . The implemented sanction will be subject to approval of the Hearing and Adjudication Committee and Chairman Llamanzares.The punishment maybe a suspension of the program or the host, it can be one week suspension or to a maximum of one month.

The child abused complain is filed by  Department of Social Welfare and Development and Commission on Human Rights. Some celebrities voice out their support through blogging and twitter.

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