Friday, April 1, 2011

Willing Willie sponsor pulling out? Jan-jan issue reach London

With the recent controversy, one of Willing Willie's sponsor is pulling out next week.

If this account is the official twitter account of Jollibee, next week Mang Inasal will no longer be part Willing Willie.( Jollibee now acquires Mang Inasal.)

is pulling out sponsorship from Willing Willie this week. @ @ @ @
To make it more genuine, a Jollibee executive send a written statement with regards to a letter send to them, about the "chilld abuse" issue of Willing Willie. It is clearly stated that "Rest assured that the JFC group remains committed to upholding the welfare of children"
The Jan-Jan controversy is in the London newspaper, as written " Boy humiliated by show for cash"  
Celebrities who felt bad about the issue wants those guilty people to be punished.     

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