Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnod Schwarzenegger admits infidelity

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a love child with their former household staff.

The former California Governor and his wife Maria Shiver announced, that they are getting a divorce after 25 years of being together. Maria is not wearing their wedding ring anymore and left their house after the announcement.

Schwarzenegger send his statement to L.A.Times, he admitted that he has a love child. He revealed the "child" to his family after his term as governor of California. He accept all the blame and asked the forgiveness of his children and his wife. He also wants the media to respect the privacy of his family regarding the issue.

During his speech in an event in Los Angeles, he said that, they are fixing their marriage one day at a time.  Maria and Arnold has 4 children.

TMZ reported that, the separation had happened earlier, two years ago Maria had been thinking of a divorce. But with the death of her parents, she has to postpone her decision. 

Maria kept her silence since the announcement and decided not to comment.   

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