Saturday, May 14, 2011

Charice on Oprah's list

Charice is one of the successful singer right now, and it all started on "Oprah".

Back on May 2008, she first appear on "Oprah" and was called "The Most Talented Girl in the World". Charice totally blew Oprah and the audience away when she sung Whitney Houston's "I have nothing". It all started there, she was able to achieve her lifelong dream, to perform with her favorite singers and to travel around the world to share her talent.

After one year, she return to Oprah, this time sharing her inspiring story and to promote her first international solo album. Charice shared her humble beginning and the trials that she and her mother encountered, just to join a singing contest. She also sung her first international single "Note to God" on the show.

After 25 years, "Oprah" is living the television scene, they are airing some of the most memorable moments of the show. They also created lists of the most unforgettable moments and people that guested on the show, they are all listed on

The two appearances of Charice on "Oprah" made it on the lists. Her first appearance is in the “Memorable Oprah Show Moments Through the Years” list and the second one is included in the “14 Stories of Overcoming the Odds" list.

Undeniably, Oprah Winfrey is part of Charice success. Now that Winfrey has her OWN ( Oprah Winfrey Network) network, it is not impossible to see Charice having her own TV show. 

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