Saturday, May 21, 2011

Luis Manzano admitted, he is dating Jennylyn Mercado

On E Live, Luis admitted that he is dating Jennylyn Mercado.

Luis went on live just to clarify things between him and Jennylyn Mercado. He admitted that he is dating Jennylyn and they enjoy each others company.

The two both came from a break up, a few months ago Luis said that, Angel and him both moved on and there will be no chance that they will get back together again. Jennylyn, on the other hand, broke up with another actor, Dennis Trillo, it was another publicized break up for Jennylyn.

Luis also wants to clear the "user" issue, some is saying that Jen is using Luis for publicity and same goes to Luis. But Luis explained that, Jen don't want to talk about it and Luis kept quiet because they want to keep it from everyone.

Another revelation is, Luis already introduced Jennylyn to his mom, star for all season, Vilma Santos. They had dinner together and she seems happy about it.

When asked about Jen's son, Alex Jazz, he is not bothered at all. His situation is same as what they have right now, his mom already had him when she met his tito Ralph, so its not a big deal for him even if Jen has a son. But right now, Alex Jazz is not yet aware of him, Alex knows him but not as "Tito Luis" yet.   

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