Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New photos of Twilight Breaking Dawn

New hot photos released by Summit Entertainment for the much awaited two part finale of Twilight Saga.
For Twilight fanatics this is a preview of what the film will be, for the first part of the Twilight Breaking Dawn.

In the Twilight facebook account they posted these photos:

The admin is asking the fans Who wins this iconic game of chess - Bella or Edward? Majority of the fans are saying Edward will win the game.

 In this photo, Jacob seems running for something very important..
 What is Jacob holding that is making him so upset?  They are saying that it is a wedding invitation.

And it seems like Jacob will be forming a new group.
Are you looking forward to Jacob forming his own wolf pack in BREAKING DAWN? Of course they are excited specially with his abs..

Hitfix posted the complete gallery including this very sweet picture.

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