Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tupac in New Zealand? PBS website was hack..

The PBS website was hack, with headline Tupac Shakur is alive.

After the "unfavorable" statement about Wikileaks, the hacker group LulzSec hack the PBS site and posted a fake story about Tupac Shakur.

Tupac is a famous rapper who died in a shooting incidence, but some is still thinking that he is still alive and hiding somewhere.In the said fake story, it is written that Tupac is alive and now living in New Zealand with Biggie Smalls. They also mentioned a diary that will serve as an evidence of his existence.

A video entittled "Wikisecrets", upset the hacker group that result in cracking the sites servers. LulzSec released a statement and threatens those who are planning to do the same.
  1.     Greetings, Internets. We just finished watching WikiSecrets
  2.      and were less than impressed. We decided to sail our Lulz Boat
  3.      over to the PBS servers for further... perusing. As you should
  4.      know by now, not even that fancy-ass fortress from the third shitty
  5.      Pirates of the Caribbean movie (first one was better!) can withhold our
  6.      barrage of chaos and lulz. Anyway, unnecessary sequels aside... wait, actually:
  7.      second and third Matrix movies sucked too! Anyway, say hello to the insides
  8.      of the PBS servers, folks. They best watch where they're sailing next time.
     They are the same group who hacks the Japanese website of Sony BMG. 

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