Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Willing Willie suspended for 1 month - MTRCB

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board suspends Willing Willie after their investigation of the Jan Jan controversy.
In the statement released by MTRCB and approved by Chairman Mary Grace Poe Llamanzares, the committee found that the show violated Section 3(c) of P.D. 1986. It implies that the show conducted by Willing Willie on March 12, 2011, is not appropriate for a PG or Parental Guidance guidelines.

The punishment will be a one month suspension and they also put the show on a probation or on a per-episode permit basis.

The voluntary suspension that Willing Willie did, will be counted on the one month suspension.It's been three weeks since the voluntary suspension, it is possible that the show might be back by next week.

On the Willing Willie twitter account, they posted before the decision was release, they will comeback on May 7, but with the decision they may comeback on May 9,2011.

To get the whole statement visit MTRCB website  

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