Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chris Bosh wants his daughter to see him play in the NBA Finals

Chris Bosh is one of the reason why his team is in the NBA Finals, he wanted people close to his heart to watch him play live, including his daughter.

In a TMZ report, the Miami Heat player asked a permission to Allison Mathis, his ex girlfriend and mother of his 2 year old daughter, to let her kid see him play in the finals. He emailed her but she didn't response to him and now he is taking some legal action. Bosh and Mathis are now in a custody battle for their daughter.

In the custody arrangement, Bosh will have his daughter on June 11, a day before Game 6, it will be possible that her daughter might see him play.

Miami and Dallas are now tied, 2-2, Game 6 will be in Miami, if they win on Thursday and sealed the series on Sunday, it can be double celebration for Bosh. He will have his first championship ring and his love of his life, his daughter, was able to see how he got his ring.

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