Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Emotional losing and winning moments at the 2010-2011 NBA Finals

There are two kinds of tears falling last Sunday, tears of joy for the Dallas Mavericks and tears of defeat for the Miami Heat.

Dirk Nowitzki quite hesitant to receive their trophy and his finals MVP award. A few more seconds before the final buzzer, Dirk run over the fans and went to their locker room.

In an ESPN interview, he said ""I had to get a moment. I was crying a bit. I was a little emotional. … I actually didn't want to come out for the trophy, but the guys talked me into it."

On the other side, Chris Bosh became emotional too, after losing to Dallas. Chris is part of the Miami big 3, his winning jump shot in Game 3 gave Miami a 2-1 lead.

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