Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's not Albie it's not Jake.. who he is the father Andi?

Jake said it's not him, Albie's mother said it's her son, then it's Andi's right to keep it. 
Andi tweeted "For your better understanding, I've only had one boyfriend before Jake whom I've only been seeing for the past 2 months. Therefore, Jake cannot be the said ex-boyfriend whom everyone has been talking about. #commonsense". When her mother went on public about her pregnancy, the only clue she gave was, it was her first boyfriend.

Now, Jake is not in the choices anymore, it's now Albie's turn to clean his name. Albie's mother tweeted
Albie is not her 1st boyfriend and no ones denying nor confirming. Just saying he is not her 1st bf & I didnt hear ms jaclyn say Albie did u?. Albie and Andi dated and became a couple before they enter showbiz,some say there were "cheating" issue when they broke up.

Now that the two allege father of Andi's child is really not them, it's Andi's right to keep it. If she want to keep it from the public, maybe she wants the father to keep out of the baby's life.

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