Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jennylyn Mercado's biological mother, speaks out

Jennylyn's real mother wanted to clear her daughter's interview with YES Magazine.

YES Magazine's May cover story was an interview with Jennylyn Mercado, all the trials that she had gone through. How she got over of the trauma that she experienced with her step father, her relationship with Patrick Garcia, and her recent break up with Dennis Trillo.

Her biological mother, who now lives in Dubai, reacted to the story regarding their relationship now. In her The Buzz exclusive interview, she felt bad upon reading the article, she thought everything is okay between them as they are texting and talking to each other again. She is blaming Lydia, the one who took care of Jennylyn ever since she left for abroad, for having a feud with her daughter.

She is also having doubts about the "abuse story" of her daughter and she wanted to meet the guy whom they said she married and abused Jennylyn.

Jennylyn was informed about her real mother's interview and will give her answer on Showbiz Central next week. 

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