Thursday, June 23, 2011

Justin Bieber was attacked at Macy's in NYC.. but there's a twist in the story

Justin Bieber was attacked by an unknown man at Macy's in NYC.

The 17 year old teen sensation was in Macy's in New York City to promote his perfume "Someday". As usual his fans gathered outside the venue to see a glimpse of him, the event was good and everyone is happy. Because he love his fans, Justin went outside Macy's to see his fans and sign some autographs

Then a something happened that shocked everyone, including Justin and his security. A man jump out of the barrier and went towards him, the man knocked Bieber down but immediately grab and separated by the security. Justin was not hurt but was "shaken up" by the incident.

Now, TMZ reported, that the man was a cop in a plainclothes. The misunderstanding was settled and the cop was release after.

Inspite of what happen, Justin continues to sign autographs inside Macy's and later on tweeted.. Justin Bieber today went well at macy's.. the fans were AMAZING, thanks to all the fans who came out to support it was a breath of fresh air :)

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