Monday, June 27, 2011

MJ's thriller jacket, sold.

After two years, Michael Jackson's thriller jacket was sold for $1.3 million.

on the red carpet
"Thriller" is the most famous music videos of all time and one of the greatest hit of the pop icon. Guinness also name it as the "most successful music video", the behind the scene video sold over 9 million copies. The song is included in the sixth album of Michael, with the same tittle, Thriller. The album sold over 100 million copies and consider as the best selling album of all time.It was released on 1984, directed by John Landis, definitely this music video is very historic.

The thriller jacket wore by the king of pop was sold at Juliens' Auctions in Beverly Hills. The jacket was brought by Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush to Michael, the two are the costumes designer for the video.

Milton Verret, from Texas bought the jacket. The bidding for the Thriller jacket started two years ago, the amount started at $100,000.

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