Friday, July 22, 2011

Yilmaz Bektas will give Ruffa Gutierrez 2 million dollars if...

Ruffa Gutierrez will receive 2 million dollars from ex husband Yilmaz Bektas, if she will let their daughters go with him in Istanbul.
Ruffa tweeted
"Millions of dollars? No dear. My children are PRICELESS!
Lorin Ruffa and Venice
She also said in a press conference for her bazaar, Yilmaz always say he wants to fix their relationship, but there's no effort on his part. Right now, Ruffa is too busy doing her projects in TV5 and she is happy being single.

Yilmaz can still see their daughter, he can visit them here in the Philippines or have a vacation with them in United States, but she will not let him bring them to Istanbul. The court granted Ruffa the full custody of their daughters since they got separated four years ago. She also try to ask support from Yilmaz, for the school expenses of Lorin and Venice but he didn't send a single centavo.

Yilmaz allegedly send an email to GMA 7 and to Mr. Ricky Lo, explaining his side and making up stories that will make Ruffa the bad person.

As much as possible, Ruffa wanted her daughters to have a good relationship with Yilmaz, but he is doing some desperate moves that sometimes forces her to take away their children from him.

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